MusicScapes: A creative coding experiment for Spotify’s DevX 2017 Hackathon for students in Stockholm, Sweden

by Nadia Campo Woytuk and Stefan Aleksik

A generative landscape based on your Spotify listens. Visuals coded in p5.js are generate based on the user's last 50 Spotify listens.

More or less mountains appear according to how many songs have been played. Mountains are more jagged or smooth based on the songs' energy. The color of the sky is based on the valence and the mountain color on the predominant key. The landscape is night or day depending on if the songs listened to are minor or major mode respectively.

Demo here: ︎︎︎

See MusicScapes featured on Spotify's Developer site ︎︎︎

MusicScapes went *slightly* viral on TikTok ︎︎︎