Make It She: gender-swapping the internet


Project idea and lead by Fannie Delavelle ︎︎︎

Make it She is a Chrome extension that swaps names traditionally associated to men and the male gender for names associated with women or the female gender.

The lists of names an equivalents were obtained from public databases and included the most popular names in many languages.

The project aimed to generate awareness on how the general media prioritizes stories and articles featuring men. The extension calculated the amount of male vs female names on a website, and offered the possibility to tweet the result.

This project was done collaboratively with other woman coders across the world, each with their own small contribution to the development and ideation.

* note * Make it She was further developed, tested, and made public by the project leader, but the version I worked on relies on binary gender associations of first names. Therefore, in my point of view, and since gender is not binary, the project remains more as a provocation and tool for awareness of female representation in the media and online.