Designing Fertility Otherwise: of human, animal and soil relations


This project unpacks the design space of fertility sensing, reflecting on current meanings and designs for fertility in humans, animals, and soil. Attending to the curious relations between these, we explore how fertility technologies share histories across patriarchal and capitalist visions of bodies and land.

︎ An exploratory paper on this project has been accepted at Nordes 2023 (Nordic design conference)
Together with Jooyoung Park, Marie Louise Juul Søndergaard, Madeline Balaam and Marianela Ciolfi Felice.

Read it here ︎︎︎

In the paper we provide a critical feminist analysis of fertility sensing and begin to unpack how design might approach this space otherwise, by means of exploratory prompts and opportunities that we call ‘design seeds’. We accompany the design seeds with four evocative images, engaging practically and materially with these opportunities, opening up for critical yet hopeful engagements with human, animal, and soil fertility. We invite designers to notice these entanglements and extend to more-than-human perspectives in designing fertility tracking and sensing technologies.