The end of October brings an end to softwear explorations (for the moment), and I’ve been preparing a small exhibition in the Library at KTH Royal Institute of Technology. The exhibit will be up for a few weeks, and it will include some knitted pieces and a collectively curated collection of small artifacts and prints.

. : . : . : .

Here’s where I need your participation! I’d like to add your own objects to the exhibit. It will end up looking like something below, on display in a glass box (no touching, so it’s corona safe) and will be up for a few weeks starting October 26th.

. : . : . : .

I’m looking for any object that has to do with software and knitting. But also close to hardware / computation / textiles / weaving / circuits / patterns / cables / threads / sequences / algorithms / code

Objects might be:

  • punchcards, objects that resemble or use punchcards (for example a music box)
  • tools, such as knitting needles, machine parts
  • books, printed patterns, photographs
  • swatches, knitted items, yarns, threads
  • vintage electronics, devices
  • poems, drawings, schematics

If you’d like to contribute, please email me or reach out on social media. I can come pick up your items in Stockholm.

Thank you! 🦕