A few tests with conductive threads/yarns. At our lab the three threads we have available are (1) a conductive copper thread from Karl Grimm - I believe this company doesn’t exist anymore - which is scratchy and stiff, but works great for soldering components together like wire, (2) a stainless steel thread from the Lilypad series bought at Electrokit, which is softer to touch and magnetic, and (3) a highly resistive yarn which I believe is polyester and steel (seems like it was purchased at Uppingham Yarns), which is not adequate for connecting components, but would work great for pressure, stretch and touch sensors - and this one is super nice to knit with since it’s actual yarn, not thread.

Knit together with normal yarn, the conductive threads (1) and (2) can be knit into patterns using normal Fair Isle knitting. Knitting the thread on its own generates an interesting thin mesh, since the machine isn’t made for such a small gauge.

For a very complete overview of different conductive threads and yarns visit Kobakant.