A few quick reflections on different knitting techniques available with the machine (and some failures).

knitting two colors with medium yarn

Fair isle knitting allows 2 or more color knitting but generates floats on the back side (when the other color isn’t being used, it just hangs like a straight line in the back, which is a float). Fair isle is best when both colors alternate quite a bit on each row (there are no large chunks of color on a row, like horizontal stripes)

Double jacquard knitting is reversible, it always knits the main color yarn on the back side, and combines both colors on the front. Perfect for scarves or finished pieces. Every needle knits both colors, so thinner yarns should be used.

knitting two colors with very thin yarn

Double jacquard works much better with thinner yarn. The carriage slides easily across the bed and doesn’t get caught. Thinner threads cause more holes, making the knit a very loose, even when properly adjusting the gauge.