• on bugs

    A bug, in computer science, is “an error, flaw or fault in a computer program or system that causes it to produce an incorrect or unexpected result, or to behave in unintended ways.” Software bug - Wikipedia.

  • cellular automata

    Cellular automata usually consist of a grid of cells, where the state of the next cell (the one below, if they are stacked) depends on the current state of the cell and its neighbors’ states.

  • file formats for the knitting machine

    The knitting machine I have access to (SK840) uses DesignaKnit (DAK) for creating patterns and controlling the machine’s needle placement automatically. DAK supports a few file formats for stitching patterns: .stp, .pat and .dat. I’ve taken a closer look at each of these types, with the hopes of reverse-engineering them, or at least understanding them well enough to create my own files.

  • knitting data

    “knitting is a living tradition—it’s physical knowledge of a culture. Knowledge of language dies so quickly. It’s awesome to find a sweater and look at the language of it—to see how it’s made, what yarn was used, and how problems were solved. A sweater is a form of consciousness.” ― Sabrina Gschwandtner, Knitting is…

    Last week I opened a thread on twitter asking people to share their best software + knitting references. I’ve collected all the recommendations and my own references in an Are.na board: https://www.are.na/nadia-cw/software-knitting-feminisms

  • stitching experiments

    A few quick reflections on different knitting techniques available with the machine (and some failures).

  • first steps with the knitting machine

    I’ve started this blog as way to document my design and art explorations on knitting and software. I’m interested in the intersections, historical entanglement, and future possibilities of working with software and knitting machines together.

    My work will focus on machine knitting, specifically, I’ll be using the model Silver Reed SK-840 which I have access to at the MID department at KTH. I’ll be using yarns that are also available to me here in Stockholm, Sweden and online.