Nadia Campo Woytuk

Designer / Artist / Researcher | @nadiacw

I'm currently looking for opportunities starting summer/fall 2020 🍃

Hej! I am a designer, artist and researcher exploring feminist perspectives of technologies. I make use of bodily approaches, digital fabrication and prototyping tools, and I have been particularly interested in women’s health technologies. I am curious to deconstruct and probe the human-machine divide, and to discover and design ways to care for each other in multispecies relationships.

I currently work as a Research Engineer in Software Art within the Division of Software and Computing Systems at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, where I have been exploring ways to communicate and make sense of software through art and interaction design. In 2019 I graduated from a master's in Interactive Media Technology at KTH Royal Institute of Technology where I did my thesis within the Digital Women's Health group, exploring the design of menstrual cycle technologies with a feminist HCI lens. I am also part of the team taking care of MIDDLA, the interaction design lab and makerspace at the MID division.

View my full CV here.

Instagram: personal @eneadia | art @neadeeia | Curious Cycles project @curiouscycles